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Planning a Special Event?


Don't let biting insects steal your party, whether it is a backyard barbecue, a wedding, family reunion or graduation party. Nothing can kill the life of a party faster than uninvited party crashers looking to stab and run leaving everyone their scratching heads in the aftermath.

With our offensive treatments applied, what is not killed in the initial fast knockdown will die or be repelled from contacting treated areas in the foliage.

Our event spray will kill both mosquitoes and ticks, however the primary concern here is to eliminate biting insects. For a single day event, or one covering several days we can customize our standard 3-4 week application treatment to be more front-end loaded to better serve your special needs. By reducing the longer term residual qualities in our sprays and replacing them with faster acting knock down products, which by their nature, use themselves up more quickly, we can better serve your immediate need.

All of our treatments are people and pet safe after an EPA approved 30 minute wait time or until dry. This is an industry standard safe practice which applies to both synthetic and natural applications. Our mosquito and tick treatments are 100% biodegradable and use synthetic pyrethrin called pyrethroids. These are derived from a naturally occurring compound found in chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrthroids are commonly used in numerous household products and pet shampoos.

Estimating your property: What is the process? What to expect.

1 Evaluation

We will conduct a site visit with you to determine the best areas to place your perimeter barrier spray treatment while also establishing your property boundaries. Once this has been done, we will concentrate on your high traffic areas within the perimeter. We will focus on hot spots that could potentially be a problem for guests. With our application, we will treat more of the grass, both in and around these areas to ensure the best chances of a mosquito-free party.

2 Proposal

Based on your concerns and needs, our site evaluation will provide you with a detailed written proposal including a sketch of both perimeter barrier and hot spots along with total square footage of the areas needing treatment. Our recommendations will let you know the cost as well as the best treatment for your property. For more detailed information on pricing, please refer to our FAQs page.

3 Schedule

With your acceptance of our proposal, we will schedule a time for treatment that best suits your special event needs. To set up your appointment and estimate go to our Contact Us page.

4 Congratulations!

Best wishes to you and your party! We are confident that your event will live up to your expectations, and hope you will include our service at your next big bash!

Good Things to Know

What About Beneficial Insects?

This is a great question. We do not spray at random. By creating a perimeter barrier around your home and focusing on hotspots within the barrier, we reduce pesticide use while maintaining beneficial insects. Part of our State certification and licensing trains us how to work with beneficials.

Why Not Just DIY?

When you have just one shot to get it right, there is no margin for error. You need every advantage. That is when you call a professional with the right equipment, the right combinations of chemistry, along with the proper training. Our training enables us to know where and how to be most effective with your treatment.