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All Natural Treatment for Peace of Mind


If you are looking for an all-natural mosquito and tick service versus using synthetics then our all-natural protection is for you. Our treatments primarily work by killing mosquitoes and ticks on contact. Unlike synthetics, which have relatively long lasting residual qualities, all-naturals do not. The difference is, the insects are repelled or confused by the solution for the remaining up to 14 day time period. Most people will detect a mild botanical odor which will dissipate within a few hours of application. There is a 30 minute waiting time or until dry before use. This is a safe practice industry standard which applies to both natural and synthetic solutions alike.

It is important to know how to indentify ticks, prevent tick bites and safely remove ticks that have attached themselves. Click here to download a Tick ID reference sheet. For more information, you can also visit the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention website.

Estimating your property: What is the process? What to expect.

1 Evaluation

We will conduct a site visit to discuss and determine the best areas to place your perimeter barrier mist treatment while also establishing property boundaries. Once this has been completed, we will concentrate on your high use areas within your perimeter barrier. We will focus on your concerns and identify any hotspots and potential mosquito/tick habitats. We will make recommendations to further reduce these pest populations.

2 Proposal

Based on your concerns and needs, our site evaluation will provide you with a detailed written proposal, including a sketch of both perimeter barrier and hot spots, along with total square footage of these areas needing treatment. Our recommendations will include a plan of action, such as suggestions on how to reduce mosquito and tick habitats, how often we should spray your property and the cost. For more detailed information on pricing, please refer to our FAQs page.

3 Schedule

With your acceptance of our proposal, after determining the treatment schedule that works best for your situation, we will set up treatment appointments. From there on, we will schedule visits per the contract. To set up your appointment and estimate go to our Contact Us page.

4 Review

Periodically we will contact you to review the effectiveness of our treatment plan. You may choose to ramp up offensive measures by increasing the number of treatments if you find mosquitoes and ticks are returning to your property because of weather conditions or animal traffic dropping ticks off.

Keeping it Green While Keeping Pests Away

Good Things to Know

  • EPA FIFRA 25(b)Exemption Label states treatments will kill mosquitoes and ticks on contact and repel pests up to 14 days thereafter. A combination of botanical oils such as rosemary, wintergreen and peppermint along with thyme oil and garlic extracts can be effective in both repelling and killing pests. This depends on the combination of oils and extracts used.
  • We also use all-natural biological larvicides (BIT) to target mosquitoes in puddles and wet spots before they form wings and can fly.
  • With regard to ticks, special attention should be given to the relatively short killing time, and repelling qualities of the natural applications.

Why IPM is Most Important When Combined with All Natural Treatments

Natural treatments should not be the primary focus for pest reduction. A combination of green measures that are applied using IPM practices carried out on the home front are found to be most effective in combination with natural treatments at the right times and applied with the right equipment. Click here for examples.