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Our Story

After running a successful lobster wholesale business for 31 years, we decided to sell our business and take a long-awaited break. We are looking forward to focusing our energies in a new direction.

So many thoughts were buzzing around in my head. One could say I was bitten by an idea as I spent some time in the woods. While walking along and weighing options to develop, unbeknownst to me, I picked up a little passenger who would change my thinking completely. This freeloader's bite grew into a bullseye rash.

This is the telltale sign I needed to see my doctor, who prescribed the standard Doxycycline right away. The antibiotic stops the threat of Lyme disease when caught early, as mine was.

To better understand these tick borne diseases, I began to read and research the internet, looking at sites such as the CDC, the University of Maine Extension, and the University of Rhode Island’s Tick Encounter among others.

In the Spring of 2017, I made the decision to open a new business dedicated to tick borne disease and pest control. I completed multiple Board of Pesticide Control exams, including a final oral exam, receiving my Master License.

Our website has been designed so you too, can link to the same resources that I used to understand the methods and application processes that we practice. You will be able to make your own decisions based on third party information in which I have no vested interest.

I have always enjoyed the engineering and planning that goes into building a growing business and I have always believed the best advantage is to enjoy what you do, have a cutting edge understanding of what you do, and have the proper equipment to do it with. With those three strikes against them, ticks and mosquitoes should be out.

I look forward to focusing my energy in this seasonal business of pest control and making it all it can be for my customers so that they can enjoy a mosquito and tick-free summer season.